Techmetals, Inc.

Aerospace Plating

Metal Finishing for Military & Commercial Aviation

When it comes to aerospace plating of parts and components, no one can compete with Techmetals in terms of quality, turnaround and customer service.

To that end, we are instrumental in helping some of the aerospace industry’s most recognizable names with a variety of metal plating solutions.

aerospace metal plating

We work closely with each of our clients to develop unique aerospace plating procedures for commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and even spacecraft for example. Additionally, we  assist both OEM component and MRO facilities — providing metal finishing and anodizing services.

Certified Quality and Production

With the reputation as an industry leader, Techmetals ensures the highest quality through our certifications with the industry’s most stringent testing facilities. This includes Nadcap Chemical Processing, Nadcap Coatings, AS9100D, and the FAA flight safety program for example. Given that, we are one just a few facilities with certification to handle the most flight-critical components available.

Besides these capabilities, our scope of metal finishing includes (but is not limited to) Cadmium plating for environmental exposure. Another area we cover is anodizing for reducing the stress on aircraft aluminum. In the same way, Techmetals provides Electroless Nickel (EN) plating for those parts that may come in contact with jet fuel. What’s more, Techmetals offers a wide variety of engineered metal finishes as well, which can help with applications requiring zinc-nickel plating, silver and copper.

Our Commitment to You

In time, Techmetals has built a reputation on a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. In-house engineers work tirelessly with our aerospace partners to develop new specifications, provide certified testing and even help develop new technologies and plating solutions that coincide with the progression of the industry.

Aerospace OEM Approvals: