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Anodized Titanium

Anodized titanium is commonly used to create a unique range of colors for a base titanium metal — without the use of harsh dies or brighteners, leaving the substrate otherwise unchanged.

This electrochemical solution basically changes the oxide layer on the base metal.

Titanium Anodize

Varying the time and voltages, Techmetals can change the way light reflects off of the titanium. This allows for a spectrum of color possibilities that will not fade, discolor or change as processes utilizing dyes and pigments.

Anodized Titanium is popular among industries that make use of different colors for specific parts/functions such as the medical industry, aerospace, sporting goods, racing, optics, architecture and more.

Benefits of Ti Anodizing:

  • Product/Part Identification
  • Corporate Color Matching
  • General Aesthetics

Process Properties:​

    Medical, Aerospace, Aircraft Parts, Optics, Architecture and many more

Anodize Industry Specs:​

AMS 2488

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