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Cadmium Plating (Nadcap)

Cadmium plating is an attractive, soft coating that can be deposited on various base materials, up to and including steels, copper and different types of iron. Known as one of the few deposits that is sacrificial, this coating excels in corrosion protection.

With natural lubricity, this coating also provides anti-galling and low friction properties.

Cadmium plating

Other characteristics of Cad plating are low chemical resistance, ease of solderability and the flexability to coat on dissimilar materials. Due to the efficiency of the bath, Cadmium is an excellent solution for the coating of critical parts as well as complex geometries.

With rack plating abilities to satisfy both the large and small volume projects, Techmetals’ 1500 gallon plating tanks will handle your needs.

nadcap chemical processingTechmetals is Nadcap Chemical Processing Accredited for Cadmium plating.

Benefits of Cadmium Plating:

  • Good protection against corrosion in salt atmospheres and at low thickness
  • Resistant to mold and bacteria growth
  • Low electrical resistance and exceptional conductivity
  • Favorable galvanic compatibility with aluminum
  • Natural lubricity providing anti-galling and low-friction properties
  • Superior solderability
  • Creates a good bonding surface for adhesives
  • Works well as a paint base
  • Can be used on differing substrates such as steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum
  • Galvanic protection for iron and steel substrates that can provide corrosion protection even when scratched
  • Soft and Malleable
  • Chromates available in Black, Clear, Olive Drab and Yellow

Cad Plating Properties:​

Class I – 0.0005″ minimum
Class II – 0.0003″ minimum
Class III – 0.0002″ minimum

Type I – as plated
Type II – w/ supplementary Chromate treatment

Aerospace, Aircraft, Automotive, Electronics, Defense, Marine

Cad Plating Spec:​


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