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Techmetals Emergency Preparedness

Production in the Face of Adversity No one can predict or control Mother Nature. Without warning, natural disasters such as tornadoes, snow, rain, heavy winds, ice and more can cause damage to businesses as well as entire communities. Extended periods without power, utilities and water can test the mettle of anyone who may be unfortunate

Nadcap Chemical Processing

Techmetals Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Cadmium Plating

Techmetals Expands It’s Capabilities in Cadmium Plating Nadcap Chemical Processing Approval Ensures Quality and Compliance Cadmium plating is an attractive, soft coating that can be deposited on various base materials, up to and including steels, copper and different types of iron. Known as one of the few deposits that is sacrificial, this coating excels in

electroless nickel plating

Tech Talk – Electroless Nickel

Tech Talk – Electroless Nickel Electroless Nickel (EN) plating is a popular coating option for those requiring uniform thickness and a resistance to pitting, galling and corrosion. As the name would suggest, this process differs from other metal plating solutions because it does not require an external electric current to achieve results. EN is a

Aluminum Anodize

Tech Talk – Anodize

Tech Talk – Anodized Aluminum & Titanium Anodizing is a popular process in converting metals to improve their durability, resistance to corrosion and scratching. Available in a variety of colors, andoized finishes add to a part’s overall aesthetic appearance as well. Although anodizing can be implemented on a variety of metals, Techmetals focuses mostly upon

metal plating

Half Century of Experience

  Techmetals Celebrates 50 Years in Metal Plating Since it’s inception in 1968, Techmetals has grown into one of the industry’s leaders in metal plating and finishing. With over 85 finishing solutions available on a single campus, we are regarded as a “one stop shop” for everything from Electroless Nickel, PVD and hard chrome to