Techmetals, Inc.

Copper Finishing

Applying a copper finish provides excellent conductivity and an economical price. For these reasons, Techmetals makes heavy use of this finish for such industries such as aerospace and defense.

A wide variety of metal substrates can take advantage of copper finishes – including steel, stainless steel alloys, aluminum, brass and others.

Copper Plating

Due to its versatility, copper can be utilized in the industry as either a final plating solution or as an underplate for other deposits. Techmetals can easily perform rack plating for our customers in both functional and heavy build applications.

Benefits of a Copper Finish:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Inexpensive coating
  • Soft, ductile material 
  • Used for carburizing stopoff
  • Quick turnaround

Industry Specs:​

AMS 2418

Material Properties:​

Typical between .0001-.001

Up to 99.0% pure

Ferritic and Non-Ferritic Metals, including aluminum

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