Techmetals, Inc.

DIamonize Smooth & Plus

diamonizeDiamonize Plus is a hard uniform coating with a low coefficient of friction. Techmetals uses this technology to attain a grit-like texture, and to improve wear or gripping for example. Also, the differences in the coefficient of friction are achieved by changing the shape and size of the particles.

Additionally, this alloy can eliminate the requirement for additional texturing. Diamonize-Plus is a solution for all ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. Equally important is the uniformity and accuracy of the plating is stays within +/- .0003″. To clarify, this is a good hard chrome replacement for wear.

Diamonize provides uniform deposits on the most complex shapes and is a friction-enhancing coating. However, the load transfer ability of frictional parts is limited by the friction coefficient of the mating of material. However, the frictional transmission can increase up to 300% — which can enhance in more lightweight and compact designs.

This coating can open up new possibilities in automotive and engineering applications for example. Diamonize-Plus can be a superior choice in power train, transmission, drive technologies and other mechanical engineering or pulley applications.

  • Superior hardness
  • Hard Chrome replacement
  • Protect parts & tooling from wear
  • Uniformity of thickness, no post-machining
  • Increase/improves MTBF of equipment
  • Can prevent premature failure on moving parts
  • Increases frictional transmission by 300%
  • Frictional enhancement
  • Texture on molds
  • Reduces slippage