Techmetals, Inc.

ID, OD & Centerless Grinding

Techmetals has over 50 years experience in ID Grinding, OD Grinding and Centerless Grinding solutions for hard chrome projects. Additionally, we own one of the largest vertical grinders in the industry. With this in mind, we provide a complete offering for the Aerospace, Nuclear and Heavy Machinery industries for example.

ID Grinding

Applying hard chrome (or industrial chrome) has proven itself to be one of the most reliable metal plating solutions available. Certainly, Chromium coatings provide extreme hardness and resistance to wear and corrosion.

But the benefit of greater hardness, also creates another issue of uniformity and meeting project thickness requirements once applied. For that reason, you need a certified and proven leader in ID, OD and Centerless grinding services like Techmetals. We ensure your hard chrome parts meet precise thicknesses externally. Additionally, we can ensure the grinding of a part’s inside diameter to the exact size and surface finish.

Equally important, our grinding services are in compliance with the industry’s most stringent testing facilities such as Nadcap Chemical Processing, Nadcap Coatings, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, AS9100D, ITAR, FAA Repair Station, 10 CFR App B to name just a few.

Why Hard Chrome Plating Requires Grinding

OD Grinding

While being electro-deposited onto a substrate, the amounts of hard chrome covering a part may vary greatly depending upon it’s geometric shape.

To that end, the higher areas, elevations and peaks, receive more of a build up of chromium — as well as areas facing the anodes in the plating tanks.

Conversely, lower areas, recesses and depressions usually are less thick. Such is the nature of applying industrial chrome.

Hard Chrome Finishes are NOT "Finished" Until Grinding Occurs

Offering both OD and ID Chrome Grinding in-house, Techmetals can obtain almost any required coating thickness.

For the most part chrome plating thickness with ranges of 0.001″ to 0.002″ as-plated will be only slightly rougher than the base metal.

Centerless Grinding

Techmetals’ grinding experience allows us to produce surface finishes as low as 1 RMS — which are common in industries such as plastic film and paper converting.

Trust in the company that has over 50 years experience in both Inner and Outer Diameter Grinding. From cylinders used in nuclear energy plants to machine parts and hydraulic equipment, Techmetals is the industry’s proven leader in hard chrome grinding services.