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Laser Etching

Laser Etching is a process by which the outer layer of a metal substrate is vaporized.

This process (also known as laser marking), delivers little to no depth being removed from the part, yet provides a high contrast marking  – easily visible to the naked eye if desired. The medical industry requires such marking for tracking, customer information and part numbers.

Laser Etching

Techmetals can even etch info small enough to fit on the head of a screw, if desired. Laser etching differs from cutting, which actually “cuts into” the base metal.

Since an etcher only changes the surface of the substrate, it alters its reflectivity to achieve the desired result. Laser etching only removes 0.001″ or less material and can be utilized on a variety of metal surfaces such as anodized or plated metal, polymers and even ceramics.

Benefits of Laser Marking:

  • High contrast marking with minimal damage to substrate
  • Markings small enough to fit on head of a screw, or large enough to be viewed with the naked eye
  • Available for most anodized or plated metals

Laser Etching Properties:​

    .001″ or less material removed from base

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