Techmetals, Inc.

Manufacturing Industry

Metal Finishing for the Production of Goods

Industrial metal plating can include a wide variety of applications – from the equipment used to produce your products, to the final process of transporting the finished parts.

On a manufacturing floor, the quality of a finished part can be the difference between success and losing money on unwanted downtime and repairs.

manufacturing metal plating

When considering commercial uses and the plating of metal parts, Techmetals will work closely with our clients to determine their needs – then offer solutions that meet both the job requirements, as well as the budget. We walk you through the need for specific finishes and how they will support your personal needs. Everything from reducing wear and abrasion to maintaining lubricity, corrosion resistance and more go into our metal plating solutions.

Techmetals has over 50 years experience plating metals used in commercial environments. We know that if given a chance, you will discover our performance and reliability are truly unmatched in the industry. Certifications with Nadcap, ISO, AS9001D and others ensure our results will be consistent, compliant and meet all of your needs.

We offer a wide variety of electroplating advantages including:

  • Providing a protective barrier to improve part life span
  • Improving wear and tear, as well as friction
  • Ability to resist heat or extreme temperatures
  • Allows conductivity or electricity
  • Electroplated parts are less susceptible to damage (harder)
  • More pleasing aesthetically

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