Techmetals, Inc.

Medical Plating

Metal Coatings & Finishing Services for the Medical Field

Medical plating of parts demands precision, quality and compliance to the highest degree.

With that in mind, Techmetals is certified to provide a variety of metal plating solutions — including both titanium and aluminum anodizing, passivation and medical grade chrome plating for example. 

medical plating

Additionally, our professional team also provides laser etching services, now required by the medical industry to properly track or document each part’s use. Etching QR codes, logos and other information into each part is common. Also ensuring they are easily visible by the naked eye, and small enough to fit on the head of a screw if desired. Furthermore, the variety of colors for our titanium anodize allows for greater organization and identification of parts.

Of course Techmetals will work closely with you to develop the processes and metal finishing unique requirements. From concept through completion, we will offer you the certification and reliable solutions to meet all your medical metal plating needs.

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