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Nuclear, Oil & Gas

Metal Finishing for the Energy Industries

nuclear metal finishing

Petroleum and energy facilities are literally placed all over the world, oftentimes in some of the most harsh environments imaginable. In these cases, it is of the utmost importance that your equipment is protected by metal plating and coating that keeps the extraction process moving — there is no room for costly downtime.

The compliance and reliability for nuclear components are obviously just as important. Any failure from a part, and not only are people’s lives put at risk, but also the surrounding environment.

Techmetals works closely with our energy partners to provide reliable finishing solutions to handle any requirement.lity and delivery are ensured through our numerous industry certifications such as Nadcap, ISO, and AS9001D to name just a few. We service the DoE as well as the 10 CFR App B required programs. Our engineering team can also develop custom plating solutions that may best fit your specific needs.

Just a few of our metal plating options include electroless nickel (EN) deposits and hard chrome finishes for abrasive surroundings and much more. Techmetals is proud to service the nuclear, oil and gas industries, and look forward to helping fulfill your future energy requirements in the future!

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