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SIlver Coating

Silver has long been utilized as a precious metal — highly resistant to corrosion, chemical and acids. These properties are a big reason why Silver is so highly sought after in the plating industry.

It has the highest conductivity (thermal and electrical) of all metals, and also offers the highest level of reflectivity. This makes Silver an obvious choice for use with Optical Plating.

Silver Coating

With excellent high-temperature lubricity and ductility, Silver is an excellent coating for increased production of solar power generation products. Techmetals offers both rack and barrel plating solutions for Optical Silver. We have over 50 years experience in the industry and ensure your project will be handled both efficiently and affordably. 

Benefits of Silver Plating:

  • Anti-Galling
  • Excellent high-temperature lubricity
  • Highly reflective
  • Electrically conductive
  • Solderable (matte)
  • Cost effective when compared to gold, platinum and palladium

Silver Industry Specs:

ASTM B 700, QQ-S-365, AMS 2410, AMS 2411, AMS 2412

Silver Coating Properties:​

99.9%, 99.00%, 98.00%

Matte, Semi-Bright, Bright

Nickel, Copper

Rack and barrel