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Techmetals Specifications

Below is a list of specifications that are most often provided by Techmetals. We also offer metal plating solutions to additional specifications such as AMS, MIL, ASTM, SAE and Customer Specifications.

Techmetals also offers R&D, Optical Coatings, Medical Coatings, Large ID & OD Grinding & Areas with 20-Ton Capacities.

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Techmetals Industry Specifications

Techmetals Industry Specifications Include:

TitaniumAMS 2488Zinc ChromateIAW ASTM B633
SilverAMS 2410, AMS 2411, ASTM B 700, QQ-S-365TinASTM-B-545*
Nickel/SulfamateAMS 2424, AMS 2403, FED-QQ-N-290, AMS QQ-N-290, Union Carbide J5 1396PassivationAMS-QQ-P-35, ASTM A 380, AMS-2700, ASTM A 967, ASTM F86*, FED-QQ-P-35
Nickel ChromeMPR 1059Nickel/ENAMS-C-26074*, MS-2404, AMS-2405, ASTM-B-733, MIL-C-26074, MIL-DTL-32119
Hard ChromeAMS-QQ-C-320, AMS-2406, AMS-2460, MIL-DTL-23422, MIL-C-23422, ASTM B-177, MIL-STD 1501 F, FED-QQ-C-320Nickel BoronAMS 2433, ASTM B 607*
ElectropolishASTM B912GoldASTM B 488
Brush PlatingNickel, Cobalt, Copper, MIL-STD-865C (USAF), AMS 2451Chem-FilmMIL-C-5541, AMS 2473, MIL-DTL-5541 (Standard), MIL-DTL-5541 (Hex Free), BAC 5719
Alkaline Zinc PlateASTM B-633AnodizeMIL-A-8625, AMS 2469, AMS 2471, ASTM B 580*, AMS 2472

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