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Techmetals Emergency Preparedness

Techmetals Emergency Preparedness

Production in the Face of Adversity

No one can predict or control Mother Nature.

Without warning, natural disasters such as tornadoes, snow, rain, heavy winds, ice and more can cause damage to businesses as well as entire communities. Extended periods without power, utilities and water can test the mettle of anyone who may be unfortunate enough to experience these events. The best we can do is understand that these events are certainly possible, and to have a plan in place to recover in the most efficient manner.

At Techmetals, we pride ourselves on customer service and on-time delivery. The production of our customer’s metal plating jobs to meet their deadlines must not be affected by inclement weather or unforeseen outages. Our customers can rest assured that we have appropriate Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure your projects are completed on time — even during times of weather-related issues.

Backed with industrial-sized generators, improvements to the phone systems, web site chat functionality and dedicated production teams, Techmetals will stop at nothing to keep production moving.

When it comes to reliability in the face of adversity, turn to Techmetals for all your metal plating and finishing needs.

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Techmetals generator
Techmetals generator

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