Techmetals, Inc.

TM-Rx Medical Coating

TM-RxTM-Rx is a medical-grade, chromium coating designed to prevent wear, galling and corrosion. Parts and instruments coated with this material are designed to work and look like new after 1,000 cycles in an autoclave. The process is precisely controlled by our lab staff and engineering team.

TM-Rx meets or exceeds ISO 10993-1 Certification, as well as the principles governing the biological evaluation of medical devices. Certified report numbers: 331553, 331617, 331621 and 331555.


  • Melting Points: 1875–1920° C /3407–3488° F
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.12–0.17
  • Hardness Rockwell (C): 68–72
  • Light wear & anti-galling: 0.00005–0.0003”
  • Non-Magnetic Properties
  • Dull or Shiny Appearance
  • Cutting surfaces: 0.00005–0.0001”
  • Heavy or severe use: 0.0003–0.0005”