Techmetals, Inc.

UltraKoat Engineered EN

UltraKoatA coating that pairs lubricity with uniformity, TM UltraKoat is Techmetals’ best coating for release properties for industries such as injection die and molds, aircraft braking systems and many more.

TM Ultrakoat is comprised of an Electroless Nickel (EN) co-deposit with sub-micron particles of a diamond-like material. It has a very low coefficient of friction, and unlike PTFE (which will start to decompose at 600° F), UltraKoat will maintain its integrity up to the melting point of 1900° F.

Technical Advantages:

  • Excellent for blow molding applications
  • Uniform coating
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Pleasing light gray color
  • Can be applied to any metal
  • Excellent release properties


  • Hardness as plated: 600-700 VHN
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.1 static
  • Density: 8.4 g/cc
  • Slight magnetic properties
  • Wt/loss/mg 1,000 cycles: 1-2
  • HT @590F (3 hours): 850-970 VHN
  • Melting range: 1900-2200 F / 1050-1200C
  • Wear resistance: Taber Wear Test
  • Internal Stress Kpsi: -2.6 (compressive)
  • Corrosion resistance: 100 hours, can be improved considerably with an undercoat of TM103